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Saprolife™ is 100% organic soil improver and fertilizer based on sapropel from ecologically clean area of Western Ukraine. Saprolife™ is unique combination of pure organics, vitamins and microelements that creates humus in any type of soil and activates metabolic processes in plants. Sapropel is extracted from the bottom of the unique Sinove Lake (9000-year-old ice Age lake) in Western Ukraine in an ecologically clean area far away from civilization. The untouched virgin nature has created the best organic fertilizer over the course of hundreds of years. Saprolife™ is very effective in improving of soil and allowing for magnificent growth of crops. Saprolife™ transforms poor, sandy soil into fertile soil where it’s possible to grow many types of plants for farming, landscaping, urban greenery, flower-growing and gardening.

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Saprolife™ is certified according to EC no 889/2008, annex I (European Union) and USDA/NOP-Final rule (USA) no 205.105(b) for the use in organic agriculture.



Effect on seedling plants: Saprolife™ dramatically speeds up rising of seedling plants, leaves and root groups become bigger.
Effect on seeds germination: Saprolife™ activates growing points and enhances mitotic activity during cell division.
Effect on growing process: Saprolife™ speeds up metabolism of plants. As a result the crop increases by 80%.*
Effect on soil structure:
а) Saprolife™ keeps humidity in the soil so that requires 40-50% less watering then other types of fertilizers (traditional manure, NPK etc.)
b) Due to its unique organic ingredients Saprolife™ changes the soil itself, year by year, even from sand to fertile soil by creating the humus.
c) Saprolife™ inactivates and utilizes toxic substances in the soil (nicotine, phenol etc).
Effect on quality: Saprolife™ is a 100% organic soil improver / fertilizer. It was developed in order to grow healthy organic food full of with vitamins and microelements.

* Up to 80%, according to numerous tests and probations of sapropel-peat fertilizers that have been passed successfully in Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, KSA and Qatar. Please contact us for detailed information.

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